Getting fit is all about
mind over matter.

Here are some simple tips to help you stay fit.

Fit Habits

Only refined flour is your enemy

Cakes, cookies, noodles and maida rotis; all your favourite things in the world contain refined flour. Even though it makes food taste great, it is not good for health. It also takes ages to digest and hardly contains any nutrients. Plus, it has empty calories that actually add to the fat content in your body. It induces sluggishness and can make you lose concentration. Reduce your intake of refined flour to smaller portions, and switch to wholewheat rotis, wheat noodles or pasta and digestive biscuits.

Get a toned ab faster

You may have lost some amount of abdominal fat by spending endless hours doing crunches, skipping and planks, but is your midriff still nowhere as toned as your favourite actor’s is? For the body to lose weight, you need a holistic approach to weight loss.

It is imperative that your diet be fibre-rich, allowing your body to release toxins and reduce cholesterol. Oats are a great way to aid you in this journey, and remember:

  1. Don't be demotivated if you don’t get quick results. Work out a targeted exercise plan for your abs with the help of your gym trainer.
  2. Always contract your abs in while working out. Whether running on the treadmill or pushing 25 seconds on a plank set, contract your abs in while controlling your breathing. Contraction, forces your abs to work hard, thus melting the residual fat faster!

Advice for daily restaurant food eaters

If you’re one of those who do not cook at home and eat out every day, then here are 3 tips to make the most of restaurant food and not get fat:

  1. Avoid eating pizza, dessert and oily foods every time you go out, and if you find it hard giving up these you must try to order the wholewheat variants instead of flour. However, it's best to grab a salad, fruit shake or sugar-free desserts.
  2. Choose a restaurant or café located at least 15 minutes away from your home or office and walk to it every day instead of taking a cab. Walk briskly, but till your breath becomes a little shorter. This will boost your metabolism to digest your food faster.
  3. Walk after every meal, whether you order it at your desk or go out to eat. Follow this at dinnertime too. A night time stroll will put you in a good frame of mind for bed and you will not feel sluggish since your food will digest faster.

Choose a Healthier Lifestyle

Staying fit should not be an option, but a way of life. By opting for healthier options like baked snacks instead of fried foods and wholewheat instead of maida, one should constantly strive to create
a healthier balance.

While it might be difficult to change your entire lifestyle overnight, it is possible to make small changes to lead a balanced and fit life. Make a conscious effort to make one healthier choice every day.

Encourage your family, including kids to lead a fit life. Waking up a few minutes earlier for a quick jog and trading sugar-filled drinks for a simple glass of water with a slice of lime, are some of the simple yet effective ways that can allow you to lead by example. Introduce soup before meals or a family game of badminton on weekends. Staying fit and making healthier choices can be fun, and a habit that you and your family could maintain together!

Lose weight with water

From being great for your organs and keeping your skin hydrated, water can help you lose weight too. We are serious. Drinking a glass of water before every meal helps you feel full faster. So you end up moderating your portions.

You can even add a dash of lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon to a glass of warm water. Drinking warm water helps the body in burning calories faster, while cinnamon and lemon juice are excellent fat busters. Have this drink first thing in the morning for best results.